How to File for Value Added Tax (VAT) on FIRS TAXPROMAX

All companies must file their VAT returns on or before the 21st day of the following month.
The provisions of the Finance Act of 2020 allow the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) to automate the filing and payment of tax returns, and as a result, the FIRS has launched the TaxProMax application.
The software serves as a one-stop, online platform for managing tax administration.
It gives taxpayers the chance to:

  • Register, send in returns, and pay taxes.
  • Execute assessments and keep a record of your tax liabilities.
  • Take control of withholding tax deductions
  • Managing capital allowances and losses,
  • Tax clearance certificate (TCC), download
  • Among other things, communicate with the FIRS about tax-related matters.

Users can easily browse the online portal with the aid of the FIRS user guide for value added tax.

Click here to download the FIRS Tax Payer guide for VAT filing.

Walk through:

First you need to login to the Taxpromax portal.
Click here to login to FIRS Taxpromax portal: or visit on your web browser.

New users have to register at their registered Tax Office while the current users can log in with the login details provided by the Tax office.

  • After successful login to the home page, click on “Taxes Due” and then select the Tax type.
  • In the Action column, click on “Process” to initiate the filing process.
  • Complete the sales adjustment schedule, VAT exemption schedule and zero-rated goods and services schedule if applicable.
  • Click on “Add Record” and then “Proceed”.
  • The VAT form will then load having  completed all requested schedules.
  • Under “Returning Currency”, select the currency type e.g “NGN”
  • Insert the Total Sales/Income Exclusive of VAT
  • Tick the box for the declaration form
  • Confirm if all entries are correct then click on the submit button to complete the filing process.
  • After filing is completed, You will be redirected to the payment page
  • Use the Payment Reference Code generated by remita to pay online with your card or at the bank using the Remita platform.

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